Random thoughts on the White House and Israel

Three random thoughts on the rather dangerous turn of events following Benjamin Netanyahu’s remarkable win in Israel’s election. 1. Obama told the Huffington Post that he takes Netanyahu “at his word”, referring to the prime minister’s response to a reporter’s question prior to the election about the prospects of a two-state solution. Yet within days, Netanyahu […]

Less labels, more meeting of minds

While many commentators believe the country is more divided than ever, there’s one thing that everyone seems to agree on. Political discourse has seldom been so poor. I’ve been reflecting on this as I’ve read comments on blogs I post as a contributor at Sound Politics. While some people weigh in with thoughtful and informed contributions, too many resort […]

Time for some real change on homeless policies

With recent newspaper headlines such as “Homeless crisis in plain sight”, it’s clear that Seattle’s “Ten-Year Plan to End Homelessness” has failed. With ambitious and clearly articulated goals of virtually ending the problem by 2014, no more tent cities or encampments and the expectation that some shelters would close, it’s hard to reach any other […]

A reply to “If you’re having a baby, don’t get a dog”


I came across an article on Slate.com a few days ago that was re-published in a newspaper I read under the headline “If you’re having a baby, don’t get a dog.” The original post on Slate was “The One Thing No One Tells You Before You Have Kids. Don’t get a dog.” I was curious, because a […]

Bipartisanship returns to congress (or the parties of no)

President Obama has bemoaned the lack of bipartisanship in congress during his presidency, so it’s not without some irony that his State of the Union proposal to tax 529 plans unified both Democratic and Republican opposition to it. Furthermore, it’s not just low ranking Democrats that were opposed. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Budget Committee […]