Bernie Sanders, Sweden and New Zealand

I survived socialism. So it’s always surprised me that Bernie Sanders is fond of saying America should look more like Scandinavian countries such as Sweden. Because what’s made Sweden the success it is on many of the metrics Sanders loves to point to aren’t the policies Sanders espouses. On the contrary, the reforms he wants […]

Relieving the relentlessness

Shortly after our first child was born, a work colleague, Paul, shared with me the story of how he’d once been asked by a journalist to sum up in one word what being a parent is like. His choice: relentless. Although he thought becoming a parent was one of most rewarding things he’d ever done, […]

#JeSuisPlatitude – the emptiness of political hashtags

Given the absence of any serious response to ISIL from our world’s leaders, another radical jihadist attack somewhere in the world was entirely predictable. Just as inevitable, following last week’s tragic events in Brussels, were the meaningless hashtags intended to show solidarity with the victims and citizens of Belgium. The most popular – #JeSuisBrussels – […]

Keep your schedule ideas to yourselves

Two Seattle council members, Lisa Herbold and Lorena González are proposing regulating employees’ schedules in the city. Some are calling the idea “livable schedules” and venture capitalist Nick Hanauer supports it because he argues: “Most workers in our economy have very little leverage or bargaining power and owners and people like me have enormous amounts […]

Peeling Back the Curtain on Parenting

The Home Depot employee seemed to have found exactly what I wanted, but he kept on scouring the shelves. Then I realized he was trying to find a bag cheaper than the $5 one he had in his hands. Without even thinking, I said, “Look, right about now I’d pay $1,000 for four screws.” Raising […]