Slow cooking for the family

As our first child has gotten older and stopped napping, we’ve gradually moved dinner time earlier and earlier in the evening. And with a newborn in the house, we have our hands full, so I try and find things I can do to help out. I enjoy cooking, but with us eating so early and […]

Always there family shopping lists with OneNote


While I’ve had OneNote as part of my Microsoft Office suite for years, I was a bit of a late adopter. Until recently I used it almost exclusively at work for taking meeting notes and keeping track of my To Do lists. Six months ago, however, I hit upon a great non-work application for it that has […]

Universal preschool in Seattle – a tax measure coming to a ballot near you

(Originally posted at Sound Politics) Seattle Mayor Ed Murray unveiled his universal preschool plan for the city yesterday. Families making twice the poverty level would receive free preschool valued at $11,000 and all other families would receive subsidies, including the extremely wealthy or “1 percent”. Naturally, the costs of this $58 million plan will be paid […]

Business leadership needed on policies please

While there was some business representation on Mayor Ed Murray’s Income Inequality Advisory Committee (IIAC), business leaders in general were conspicuously absent in making the case against raising the minimum wage. (For my position on it go here.) Reports on how Murray’s deal came about suggest that some employers made an effort to push back […]

Universal preschool – a universally bad idea

First day of preschool

As with so many ideas for government expansion into areas of the economy, the concept of universal preschool seems appealing. However, once you consider whether government should have a role educating children below school-age and think about the policy implications of it doing so, it immediately becomes clear that this idea fails every test. As […]