Brexit – the young should keep calm and carry on

Britain’s decision to leave the EU has triggered many incredible responses by some in the Remain camp who don’t seem to want to let democracy run its course. Labour MP David Lammy is calling for parliament to ignore the result of the referendum; three million people (and counting) have signed a petition to force a […]

Responding to Orlando

When I woke this morning, I scanned social media, brewed some coffee and shortly after checked email. I was saddened and shocked to discover in my inbox a news alert that at least 50 people were dead and more than 50 wounded in a mass shooting in a gay nightclub hours earlier in Orlando. The […]

On politics

Let me be optimistic about the times we live in. Perhaps the silver lining to this insane election year is that more people are getting engaged in politics and awakening to the importance of it. Every other week it seems another person in my social media circle posts something starting with “Okay, I don’t post […]

Bernie Sanders, Sweden and New Zealand

I survived socialism. So it’s always surprised me that Bernie Sanders is fond of saying America should look more like Scandinavian countries such as Sweden. Because what’s made Sweden the success it is on many of the metrics Sanders loves to point to aren’t the policies Sanders espouses. On the contrary, the reforms he wants […]

Relieving the relentlessness

Shortly after our first child was born, a work colleague, Paul, shared with me the story of how he’d once been asked by a journalist to sum up in one word what being a parent is like. His choice: relentless. Although he thought becoming a parent was one of most rewarding things he’d ever done, […]