Kyle Warnick’s Disneyland Advice

Kyle Warnick

  Our good friend Kyle Warnick just passed away. My wife and I met him through work, but built a friendship outside of it, attending “house concerts” he frequently arranged as well as meeting up for coffees and the like. He was a born storyteller and would always have one to share. I remember meeting him for a […]

Do we really have a genius in the Oval Office?

I’ve often been struck by how frequently commentators suggest that President Obama is one of the smartest or most intelligent presidents in history, with little or nothing to back up these claims. Presidential Historian Michael Beschloss famously said that “[Obama] is a guy whose IQ is off the charts.” But when pressed, Beschloss wasn’t able to […]

James Foley, The President, The Washington Post and the WSJ

When reading The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) and Washington Post’s editorials on President Obama’s speech yesterday about James Foley’s beheading, I was struck by how similar they were. As any regular reader of the two papers will know, while it’s not unheard of for their editorial pages to be in agreement, it’s also not typical. […]

Washington Ferries and crazy policy solutions

(Originally posted at Sound Politics) A report on KUOW this evening entitled “Why Washington Ferries Are Such A Headache To Replace” provided an excellent service in highlighting some, but not all, of the absurd rules and regulations surrounding this government monopoly. As Carolyn Adolph reported: By law, ferries must be built in the state. The purpose […]

Where is the Palestinian Gandhi?


The latest conflict between the Palestinians and the Israelis is once again resulting in terrible suffering, horrific injuries and casualties on both sides. In previous conflicts, opinion has reflexively and, in my view, unjustifiably tended to favor the Palestinians. This time around, in spite of the usual mob protests in Europe and some of the […]