Pumping up freedoms in Oregon

Two cheers for a tiny wave of liberty rippling through the state to our south. Beginning January 1, some Oregonians will have their right to pump their own gas restored to them. A whole host of reasons are cited for the law that has made pumping your own gas in Oregon punishable by a fine […]

Economics bites Chipotle

The Mexican fast food chain Chipotle has taken on its competitors in recent years by marketing its products as “food with integrity”. It moved to sourcing much of its food locally and took genetically modified ingredients off its menu. It was attempting to suggest its competitors offer inferior and socially irresponsible products. In a 2014 […]

Tackling homelessness with Econ 101

Seattle councilmember Mike O’Brien is to be praised for his renewed efforts to ease zoning requirements for developing property in single-family neighborhoods. The goal is to increase the supply of affordable property and put downward pressure on prices, thus easing the city’s homeless problem. Specifically, O’Brien is looking to remove some of the hurdles required […]

San Bernardino – let’s get our priorities straight

Has there ever been a faster rush to judgment before all the facts are in following a tragedy? It just astounded me that even before the San Bernardino killers were apprehended celebrities had already determined it was a run-of-the-mill mass shooting and that access to guns was the root cause. Many politicians were no better, including […]

20 favorite first books for reading to baby

One of my most popular blog posts is a list of 40 books we liked to read to our first child when she was a toddler/preschooler. In that same spirit, here’s a list of 20 books that we’ve enjoyed reading to our children when they were babies. 1. Dear Zoo By Campbell, Rod This is one of those […]