Adapting to “Seattle on the Mediterranean”

With Seattle’s hot streak of weather in June, it was only a matter of time before someone tried to use it to make the case for “doing something” about climate change. Timothy Egan did just that in the July 3 New York Times, in which he pleads: “Before giving in to a future in which […]

Why can’t America have a debate about mental health?

In the wake of this week’s tragedy in Charleston, SC we’re hearing the usual calls for tightening America’s gun control laws. I’m not at all opposed to such a discussion, but like the Daily Show’s Jon Stewart and others, I don’t hold out much hope of one given the failure to do anything after the […]

King County Metro – let’s not stop at bus shelters


Metro bus users and taxpayers should rejoice that Seattle is soliciting bids from companies to fund, design and replace bus shelters, benches, trash cans and information signs. In addition, residents will benefit from a requirement that the winning vendor must maintain them to higher standards than King County Metro currently provides. The company will recoup […]

Random thoughts on the White House and Israel

Three random thoughts on the rather dangerous turn of events following Benjamin Netanyahu’s remarkable win in Israel’s election. 1. Obama told the Huffington Post that he takes Netanyahu “at his word”, referring to the prime minister’s response to a reporter’s question prior to the election about the prospects of a two-state solution. Yet within days, Netanyahu […]

Less labels, more meeting of minds

While many commentators believe the country is more divided than ever, there’s one thing that everyone seems to agree on. Political discourse has seldom been so poor. I’ve been reflecting on this as I’ve read comments on blogs I post as a contributor at Sound Politics. While some people weigh in with thoughtful and informed contributions, too many resort […]