#JeSuisPlatitude – the emptiness of political hashtags

Given the absence of any serious response to ISIL from our world’s leaders, another radical jihadist attack somewhere in the world was entirely predictable. Just as inevitable, following last week’s tragic events in Brussels, were the meaningless hashtags intended to show solidarity with the victims and citizens of Belgium. The most popular – #JeSuisBrussels – […]

Keep your schedule ideas to yourselves

Two Seattle council members, Lisa Herbold and Lorena González are proposing regulating employees’ schedules in the city. Some are calling the idea “livable schedules” and venture capitalist Nick Hanauer supports it because he argues: “Most workers in our economy have very little leverage or bargaining power and owners and people like me have enormous amounts […]

Peeling Back the Curtain on Parenting

The Home Depot employee seemed to have found exactly what I wanted, but he kept on scouring the shelves. Then I realized he was trying to find a bag cheaper than the $5 one he had in his hands. Without even thinking, I said, “Look, right about now I’d pay $1,000 for four screws.” Raising […]

Pumping up freedoms in Oregon

Two cheers for a tiny wave of liberty rippling through the state to our south. Beginning January 1, some Oregonians will have their right to pump their own gas restored to them. A whole host of reasons are cited for the law that has made pumping your own gas in Oregon punishable by a fine […]

Economics bites Chipotle

The Mexican fast food chain Chipotle has taken on its competitors in recent years by marketing its products as “food with integrity”. It moved to sourcing much of its food locally and took genetically modified ingredients off its menu. It was attempting to suggest its competitors offer inferior and socially irresponsible products. In a 2014 […]